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Choosing a solar energy system for your electric home remodel is a smart choice. The world is moving towards electrification, and solar is the best way for your home to move towards greener, cleaner energy. With incentives on both local and federal levels, the best time to invest in a custom home solar panel installation is now. There are many options available for joining the world of solar technology. Trust the experts at United Solar for all your energy consumption needs. We take pride in our whole home concept approach to solar installations. So whether you are looking for a full solar home panel installation or need some backup power batteries and generators, we are ready to meet your needs wherever you are in the process of using solar equipment. 

There are many unique benefits to solar installation. Now is a great time to take the leap while you can benefit financially from Washington solar incentives. The federal government also offers a tax incentive to further sweeten the deal. When you own your personal source of solar power, you end up in a good spot if the local electrical power grid goes down and the lights are still on at your house. United Solar is an experienced and trustworthy solar electrical contractor in Everett Washington state. Our expert consultants look forward to exploring how we can help you get closer to energy independence with a custom-designed solar installation for your home.

How Does Home Solar Power Work?

Solar energy systems utilize the rays of the sun by converting sunlight into electricity to become a useful form of energy. The energy of electromagnetic radiation harnessed by solar panel systems can be generated into electricity or stored in batteries for future use. Electricity exists in the form of AC or DC. Solar photovoltaic modules convert sunlight into DC, and then an inverter changes that into AC current so that it can be used in your home. 

The amount of sunlight potential your property has can vary depending on many geographical and structure-based factors. Solar rooftop potential indicates which structures are good candidates for solar panel systems. Some of the factors considered include roof size, tilt, and construction. The location also matters, along with shading throughout the day from nearby trees and vegetation and other structures or mountains. 

Therefore, it’s very important that you find a solar company that carefully evaluates your property prior to making any promises about what can be delivered or asking you to sign any contract. Some properties are significantly better candidates than others for installing solar panels in Washington State. All of this needs to be carefully considered when developing a high-quality solar energy system design for your property.

What is Electrification?

Electrification is the overall effort of humanity as a whole to switch entirely to electric energy consumption. This goal focuses on renewable energy, which lowers the carbon footprint and is a cleaner and safer option for protecting the environment. Individual contributions to electrification mainly include vehicles and appliances as well as heating and cooling in your home. 

Solar electricity is a good goal because fossil fuels are the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions. One of the best parts of electrification is that not only are you helping to save the planet by reducing carbon output, but you can save quite a lot of money on your energy bills when you go electric and install solar panels to use as a renewable energy source!

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Solar Energy Source

There are a number of different benefits to installing solar panels on your property. For starters, using solar electricity can save you money. Over the course of the home’s lifetime, it is estimated that using solar power in your home can reduce energy costs by tens of thousands of dollars. As inflation increases and the cost of everything continues to rise, including rates the utility company imposes, you can offset this necessary expense by having your own solar technologies right at home to provide the energy needed to power your home and life. 

Many homeowners wonder how the total system cost comes into play when determining if Washington solar panels will result in worthwhile savings. Washington solar installation has never been more appealing, thanks to local incentives that will help you save money. The federal government also provides a 30% tax credit when you purchase a solar installation. Currently, the average cost any solar installer will likely charge for solar panels on your roof is somewhere around $20,000. The incentives offered help offset costs so that you can enjoy the savings. When you consider that having a quality solar panel installation on your property raises its overall value, that makes it all the more appealing. 

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Sometimes the grid powering entire neighborhoods fails. When this happens, the lights go out, stress rises, and refrigerators full of fresh food warm and spoil, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars. You could be losing money if you work from home but lose internet access due to your modem and router losing power. Maybe reducing your carbon footprint matters a great deal to you, and so an electric vehicle sits in your driveway waiting to have its battery charged so you can drive to work. When a community’s power grid fails, it causes a lot of stress and problems.  

Imagine the relief of having your own energy source because you have joined the trend of solar panel installation in Washington state! The surrounding power may be out, but the lights will still be shining bright at your home. Energy independence is one of the greatest benefits of solar installation. Nothing compares to avoiding the stress and trouble of power grid loss by simply having your very own energy production source right at home. 

Solar Energy Systems Benefit the Environment

The future of our planet and the state of the environment depends largely on how well we can reduce global carbon emissions within the next few decades. Some of the power to accomplish this lies in the hands of homeowners who look to the solar industry to help find solutions for renewable energy sources. When Washington residents choose to reduce their electric bills by having solar panels installed at home, they aren’t the only ones benefiting. The healthy status of our planet and its environment benefits everyone. When you consider how going green with clean Washington solar energy supports this cause, the benefits are endless. 

Proper Evaluation and Ongoing Consultation

A trustworthy and reliable solar installer will never make promises site unseen. Asking you to sign a contract before they have fully evaluated the solar potential of your property is never a good sign. The reality is that not every roof will be a good candidate for solar panels. Other structures and mountains in the vicinity could cast shadows blocking the sunshine, and therefore too much shade could mean not enough solar power can be captured. Even trees could cast enough shadow to block solar absorption to make installation a good option. 

All of these important details will be considered when our expert consultants evaluate your needs and solar potential. Our design goal is for all of our clients to have the highest quality solar panel installation Washington State has to offer. Some solar installers only have a goal of making the sale, but at United Solar, the priority is quality customer care. We want to know that you understand all your options and feel comfortable with this process every step of the way. Our consultants will explain everything in detail to you and will never make promises they cannot keep nor push you to make a decision you are not ready for. 

Steps to Solar

The solar industry has come a long way to offer at-home energy solutions. There is a lot to consider as the experts at United Solar create a custom design to meet your renewable energy needs. The first step is to request a quote using our online submission form. Our consultants will evaluate the elements of your unique property and then develop a plan for your solar energy system. We will explain every detail to you to help you navigate the decision-making process. Once you choose a design that works best for you, we will continue to communicate effectively because great customer care is one of the most important parts of our business. We look forward to meeting with you!

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