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The push toward electrification means that every day more homeowners are taking steps toward energy independence. The goal of electrification is to transition to electricity from renewable sources and away from burning fossil fuels. Doing so will reduce carbon emissions, leading to a cleaner planet and a healthier world for everyone. One of the best ways individuals can help accomplish this is with solar home electrification. There are many benefits to homeowners and the world when solar energy systems become a part of a home remodel or new construction.

The decision to install clean energy solar electrical panels on your property has the potential to benefit you financially and make you feel good about the clean energy you are using. The federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit as an incentive for homeowners to make the switch to solar. The state of Washington also encourages solar installation as a home electrical choice by offering a sales tax exemption. With these financial benefits available when you make this investment, it has never been a better time than now to go solar. Further sweetening the deal is the fact that adding a solar energy system to your home has adds significant value to your home. If you are ready to take the next step in your clean energy journey, United Solar is here to help. Complete our online submission form today to request a property evaluation and estimate.

Just imagine the relief of having a solar backup battery available right at home the next time your local power grid fails. The neighborhood might be dark, but with solar energy powering your home, the lights will still be on for you! Working towards energy independence is one of the greatest benefits of going solar. Not only can you save money, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and stress too. At United Solar, we do it all. Everything you need for a solar-powered home is available as part of our custom design options. When you are looking for a solar home panel installation, look no further than the Washington solar company that specializes in whole-home installation for any solar project you have in mind.

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Your Solar Potential

Thoroughly evaluating the solar potential of your home should always be a priority for any solar energy contractor you work with. This vital first step ensures that the solar electrical contracting company you work with will bring the most benefits to you at the most reasonable cost. At United Solar, our goal is not to just make the sale. We want to create solar energy systems that work for your home. To further explain, every design with solar is custom and unique, so you should never be asked to sign a contract with a solar energy company that has not thoughtfully evaluated your home to make sure solar panels are a good fit.

Many factors are involved in determining where solar power will best work. The tilt of a roof plays a part, as well as the existing structure. Northwards facing panels do not provide adequate solar power because panels need to be facing south, east, or west. Shade throughout the day and various times of the year must also be taken into consideration. Are there trees that create shade for much of the day? Do mountains in the distance block the sun for too much time? How about nearby buildings or other structures? All of these details must be taken into consideration. As you can see, there is much information to be considered when determining if solar energy panels will work well to provide sustainable energy. Make sure you have a trustworthy solar electric contractor on your side to be certain your home electrical upgrades will bring you the most benefit possible.

Choosing the Best

At United Solar in Washington State, we take pride in our whole home solar design installation projects. Some solar contractors are not able or willing to do as many electrical upgrade projects as you are hoping for. They may say you are asking for too much, and your grand vision could be overwhelming. We enjoy the challenge of a whole home concept, whether it be residential new construction or a solar electric home remodel. Are you already driving an electric-powered vehicle? Let us show you some premium options available for the cleanest possible charging of all your electric-powered items. From consultation and design, all the way to choosing options that best suit your needs to completing the project, we are ready to meet your solar energy needs.

Our experts are excited to educate clients on the latest innovations in clean home solar energy production. Upon evaluation of your home and energy needs, we will ask questions to help create the design that best suits you and your property. Answering your questions and providing excellent customer care every step of the way are some of our priorities. We will never keep you in the dark about how the project is coming along or any of the choices or recommendations regarding your design. If you’re ever not sure about something, don’t hesitate, just ask! We know that renewable solar energy may be a new and possibly intimidating concept to many.

At United Solar, we know you have options. Going solar is a growing trend, and there are many electrical contractors that offer services, so be sure you work with reliable solar energy systems experts. When remodeling your home and opting for a renewable energy source as part of the project, there is no greater satisfaction than a project well done. A quality solar energy installation will save you money and contribute to a cleaner planet.

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