Solar Panels On The House Roof

Span Panel

Span Panel Installation Washington

Clean energy can change the world, helping to slow climate change as we move to renewable energy sources. You have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and place solar panels on your home, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money in the process. 

If you are considering solar panels for your home, reach out to United Solar. Our technicians are ready for Span panel installation in Washington, along with any other brand of solar panels that may be right for your home. 

Solar Panels On The House Roof

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are a great source of clean, renewable energy for many homeowners. If your roof receives enough sun per day, your Span panel installation may provide all the electricity you need for your entire home.

You can also expect more reliable electrical coverage. Many of us have experienced nights where a strong thunderstorm causes a power outage. When you have solar panels, that may no longer be a problem. Excess solar energy is stored by your solar panels, providing you electricity even during the worst storms. 

By placing solar panels on your home, you are essentially receiving both solar energy and a backup generator. Keep in mind that adding solar energy options to your home increases its value, too. Many people like you are looking for homes with alternative, clean energy sources to save on bills and to help save the planet. By installing solar panels now, you may increase the resale value of your home if you are considering selling in the next few years. 

How Long Will My Installation Take? 

When you choose to install solar panels on your home, our experts will make sure we are thorough with your solar energy project. We want our customers to see their clean energy dreams come true, so your installation time will depend on the extent of your project.

Every solar panel installation will first start with an evaluation of the home. We will first need to determine how much sun your house gets, as well as how far the roof tilts and other factors that may impact your installation. We will not install it if we cannot provide the energy your home needs. 

Once we know your home’s solar capability, we can get to work on your installation. Our technicians will ensure your electrical system is upgraded and your solar panels are working as needed. 

Our team will also make any other upgrades you need for your home. Driving an electric car? We can help you upgrade your electrical system to meet the changing needs of your vehicle. Talk with our technicians about the specific needs of your solar upgrade, and we will estimate the extent and details of your project.

Get Your Solar Panels Installed by a Professional

Solar energy has the power to change the world, replacing non-renewable resources and saving money for homeowners like you. Luckily, Span Panel installation in Washington is easy with United Solar.

If you are considering upgrading to solar energy for your home, reach out for a consultation with our team about your home’s solar potential. Call us or fill out our contact form online.