Remove and Replace

Solar Panel Removal Washington

When you already have solar on your roof and you need a new roof then United Solar is here to help.

The Remove and Replace service includes:

  • Reviewing the system before touching it to detect any defects that need fixing
  • Getting out to your home promptly to provide a quote and start the work so the new roof can get installed soon
  • Storing the equipment securely on-site while the new roof is going on
  • Installing new mounts so the system is waterproof after being re-installed
  • Changing the panel location if the shade scene has changed
  • Energizing the system after its re-installed

Contact us today to get prompt support, and United Solar can either support your roofer or even be your roofer.

Servicing Existing Systems

With thousands of solar installs existing in Washington there are also many unsupported systems outside of their original service warranty. Contact United Solar today to fix any issues your solar system is having or to add to your system with more solar panels and batteries.

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