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Embarking on an electrical remodeling project for your home or business with a focus on utilizing solar energy is an exciting project. Choosing solar to satisfy your energy needs is a wise investment in the current economic climate. Local incentives as well as federal tax credits make now the best time to do so affordably. A solar energy system has the potential to add notable value to your home, so if it feels like the right time for you to begin a solar power project, United Solar LLC is ready to help you design a custom solar power system. Complete our online submission form today to request your quote. 

When you trust United Solar to be your solar power expert, you can rest assured your electric home remodel project will be in the best hands. We know that experience and reliability are at the top of your priorities list. Contact us today to request your estimate for home solar panel installation in Olympia, WA. 

Evaluating your property to determine the potential for solar energy production will be one of the first steps in this process. In order for solar installations to be adequate power sources, the panels will need to be facing south. A solar panel array facing fully east or west may produce enough solar power to meet your energy needs. A little shade for much of the day may not seem like a big deal, but you will need to have a trustworthy solar company fully evaluate your home to ensure the investment you make will provide adequate sun exposure for solar energy production. 

In preparation for your solar panel installation, check to be sure all ownership paperwork is in order; the person purchasing solar installations must be listed as a property owner to benefit from the 30% federal tax credit that is available for a solar electric home remodel. The cost savings of taking advantage of this, along with local incentives, can bring great savings and are an important project consideration. Solar electricity as an energy source for your home is one of the best financial options available, and you will need a reliable and trustworthy solar company to guide you along the journey to energy independence.

At United Solar, we know there are plenty of solar companies you might consider choosing for your next solar home panel installation. Proper evaluation of your location and home site is necessary for any solar company to design a solar energy installation that can keep the lights on when the local grid goes down. From day one, our solar experts will explain in detail what your energy options will look like in real life and the many ways you and your family can benefit from installing solar energy panels on your roof. Be sure to choose a company you can trust with your next solar home remodel. Submit a request on our online form to get started today with your estimate!

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