Growing the Solar Installation Capacity in Washington

Growing the Solar Installation Capacity in Washington 

The solar industry is centered on growth. And that growth has been accelerated by the Inflation Reduction Act.

With a consistent solar tax credit for the next decade locked in, growth of residential solar is ensured

United Solar launched in 2022 and is experiencing rapid growth given both the customer base and the fully tapped out labor Washington market. Legacy solar companies are booked out 6 months and more, and the single constraint is labor. Equipment supply is improving and panels are available for new projects today. 

The question for United Solar then is, where will you get your installers and your electricians?

The answer is we are going to make them. 

United Solar is finding people in the construction industry and adjacent industries and is building a system around them that makes it easy for them to switch their focus to a solar career. Solar installers can become electricians over time which increase the solar installation capacity here in Washington. For the more immediate growth United Solar is partnering with electrical contractors and is making it easy for them to switch their focus to solar projects. 

The central role at United Solar is the installation expert. This person ensures every project is well designed and each crew does a perfect job every time. Every crew, no matter how much more they need to learn will have that day of support to do the job right. No matter the experience of any crew, there is always more to learn, and United Solar is focused on that continued growth. 

United Solar is accepting applications from people willing to install solar, solar installers with experience, and 02 and 01 electricians. And, if you operate a private electrical contractor, we want to speak to you about partnership. 

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