Rewiring America and Home Electrification

Rewiring America and Home Electrification

The leader of United Solar, Anders Alexander, joined Rewiring America’s CEOs for Electrification.

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The mission of the group is:

The CEOs for Electrification Coalition drives action by bringing together CEOs across industries to champion electrification, electrify their operations, and to accelerate the market transformation required to electrify everything, starting with the American household. Working together, the Coalition aims to create millions of new jobs, deliver energy bill savings, improve health outcomes and reduce emissions.

CEOs for Electrification brings together a coalition of companies to drive action-oriented solutions that accelerate market transformations required to electrify everything, starting with the American household. Research from Rewiring America shows 42 percent of U.S. energy emissions come from decisions made around the kitchen table: what we drive, how we heat and cool our homes, heat our water, dry our clothes, and power it all. That number grows to over 60 percent when we include where we go to work and where our kids go to school. Working together, CEOs for Electrification aims to create millions of new local jobs, deliver energy bill savings from clean, electric appliances, improve indoor air quality and health outcomes, and reduce climate-warming emissions. Simply stated, we will not get to zero emissions by 2050 without electrification

CEOs for Electrification pledge to make electrification core to their business, developing plans to convert their companies’ energy sources and the machines they use to clean electricity, finding ways to educate and reward employees who make the switch at home and at work and investing in products, businesses and technologies that enable the market transformation needed for widespread electrification. They will use their voices in their industry sector, with customers, with the news media, and with policy makers to support and educate about the immense benefits of electrifying everything.

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